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A mama mantras moment

It was 8 am. I was standing at our front window, waiting for our wonderful nanny to get to the house so I could go into work early for a Very Important Client Meeting. I was unprepared for that meeting, and banking on a few extra minutes in the office to make up for the work I didn’t do the night before.

8:10 – where was she? It’s not like her to be late. I started to panic. Ernest had already left for work, leaving me with both kiddos and no backup plan.

8:15. Still no nanny. I was totally freaking out. Frantic. Panicking. She wasn’t answering her phone and I had no plan B. I don’t have anyone to call a save the day. Thankfully, Ernest was able to turn around (he pulling into his work) and come back. Meanwhile, I was IMing my coworkers, apologizing for the delay, and barely holding it together with the kids.

It was at that moment that I realized I needed something. Something to tell me that it not a big deal; that sometimes crazy things happen and you just have to roll with the punches. Enter mama mantras™.

We developed mama mantras™ for situations just like this. As moms, we often find ourselves needing a moment – maybe the kids are crying, work is busy, and you need to get dinner on the table. You need a moment to refocus, to take a breath and gather yourself. For us, we often seek refuge in the bathroom, often the only remaining place around with any privacy.

These mantras are for those moments. Instead of just staring at yourself in the mirror, questioning all the decisions you made in the last year or so, pull out a mama mantras™ card. We hope it will help you open that door and face the rest of your day.

Each set of mama mantras™ contains 16 cards and comes in a high quality slide-top tin that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.

By the way, it turns out that entire situation was my fault. I never told Martha, our nanny, that I needed her early. She was in the shower when I called her. I completely dropped the ball.

But the thing is, everything turned out OK. Martha and Ernest forgave me. I got to work in time to prepare for the meeting. We created mama mantras to help provide just that type of insight when in the midst of tough situations. I really could have used one that day!

Do you sometimes find yourself in a similar situation? Pick up your own set of mama mantras today!

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