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Good Stuff – 10/13/10

The two of us have been blogging for a few months (at momblogwork.com) and each week we do a “Good Stuff” post. We’ve decided “Good Stuff” is moving over to the mama mantras blog so welcome to the very first Good Stuff post here!

Here’s the thing: studies show that the practice of gratitude can increase happiness by 25%. We’re all for increased happiness, right? Call it a gratitude journal, if you want, but these little lists are a great to go back to months/years from now. It’s the little things that make life wonderful – especially for us mom’s! We’ll list out the little things that are making us happy. Feel free to join us in the comments.

Karissa’s Good Stuff

  • Before bed yoga with Margeaux
  • Crockpot dinners
  • Lunch with Andre
  • Daydreaming about designing some new stuff
  • Quiet days with Brady-B
  • Bellydancing, the newest obsession in our house, complete with finger cymbals
  • Listening to and watching the kids play together all weekend

Megan’s Good Stuff

  • Watching the Chilean miners being rescued.
  • Going to the pumpkin patch with the preschool.
  • Planning for family pictures next weekend.
  • Rey being able to use his words to describe how he’s feeling…even when he says “I’m mad…at you!”
  • Spontaneous date nights with Ernest (Thanks Uncle Jon!)
  • Indian summer

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2 Responses to “Good Stuff – 10/13/10”

  1. LisaP says:

    Karissa, can you post pictures of Andre doing belly dancing? I have to see that! On a serious note, that’s the one thing that Bailey said she’d try. If it gets that teenager out of her room for 15 mins I’m going to do this! wiggle wiggle wiggle, ching ching ching! Are you taking classes or learning on your own?!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m a few days behind, but rest assured I have “Good Stuff” to post and share!
    *Fabulous Family Time
    *Spotted Cow Beer
    *Fried Cheese Curds…with the Spotted Cow
    *My girls giggling and playing with their cousins
    *Visiting Mom and Dad at the cemetary…somehow this really is “good stuff” even if it sounds weird.

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