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Introducing Birth Mantras

I remember the nervousness I felt as an expectant mother. The first time around it was the sheer unknown that kept me awake wondering how I’d get through the birth of my daughter. With my son it was the fear that his birth would be drastically different than my daughter’s because I felt like her birth went so well.

Every birth is different and I prepared for their births differently too. With each pregnancy I latched on (ha ha!) to a few phrases or ideas that helped calm my fears and empower me. With my daughter’s birth it was something my wonderful doula said to me about birth being both work and rest. That made a big impact on me. There was another phrase she mentioned about labor being rhythmic and that really made me feel like if I could find the rhythm, I’d get through labor. With my son I found comfort in reminding myself that women have been birthing for generations and generations. Women were laboring all over the world with me at the same time.

Many of these thoughts were incorporated into the Birth Mantras cards – our newest product at mama mantras. This set of 16 birth mantras is perfect for preparing for birth. The mantras help alleviate worries and empower expecting mothers. It’s a bit like having your doctor/midwife, doula, mom, best friend and husband all rolled up into one. These are the phrases that will get you through the worries and then, during labor, the things you’ll repeat to yourself over and over as you birth your new baby.

The Birth Mantras are available now. Get them for yourself, pregnant friends or, if you’re a midwife or doula, for your clients.

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